Star MaxDri A-625

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STAR MAX-DRI®, Triple Action Additive delivers three benefits in one potent package; fast-drying, performance booting, and viscosity enhancement. Based on 100% acrylic polymers, fast evaporating chemicals, and surfactants, STAR MAX-DRI® improves the overall performance and durability of both Asphalt Emulsion and Refined Tar based sealcoatings.
• Cuts the drying time up to 75% reducing labor cost and allowing traffic sooner than non-modified sealer.
• Sealcoatings dry to a uniform black color, under sun or shade.
• Boosts the viscosity of the diluted sealer and enables it to suspend large quantities of sand effectively and uniformly. Eliminates sand roll out, and the streaky appearance of a cured coating. Finished jobs will have a uniform-textured appearance.
• Toughens the sealer film and improves tensile strength thus reducing power steering marks, scuffing, and tearing. Improves flexibility and adhesion of the cured sealer film to the existing surface. Improves fuel and chemical resistance of the cured film.
• Based on a polymer-emulsion; safe to handle and use. No health hazards have been reported.

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