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PLEXI-melt is an innovative high strength, low density, protective packaging used to contain Deery hot-applied
sealants and mastics that quickly and thoroughly melts into the material at normal operating temperatures
without affecting product installation characteristics or specification performance.

  • PLEXI-melt eliminates the need for traditional cardboard boxes!
  • Saves Money! The need for an extra crew member is eliminated!
  • Shape of PLEXI-melt block melts 58% faster than traditional boxed mastic/sealant material
  • Easy to handle! Simply add PLEXI-melt block directly into the melter
  • Fast melting packaging is made from an extremely lightweight yet durable material
  • Does NOT affect mastic/sealant specification
  • Promotes Safety. Each PLEXI-melt package is labeled with OSHA and GHS requirements

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30 pounds per box / 70 boxes per pallet, Pallet

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